Waving Meadow implements a series of actions that aim to mitigate the human impact on the ecosystem marine and protect the Posidonia oceanica

A project born with the desire to support the world of sailing by launching an action plan in defense of Posidonia Oceanica.

Through education, influence, research, and action, we can save Posidonia Prairies!

Monitoring of Posidonia meadows

Through the implementation of the mapping of Posidonia oceanica in nautical charts. In this way the sailor will know at all times if he can cast the anchor without damaging the prairie below

Awareness raising events on the importance of Posidonia Oceanica and dedicated communication campaigns

Through workshops, speeches, communication campaigns and popular events, we want to underline the fundamental role played by Posidonia Oceanica for the health of the Mare Nostrum.

Expansion of the ecological buoy field

Thanks to the participation of the community, we want to expand the buoy fields where you can moor in “sensitive” areas without damaging the ecosystem

You can make the difference

Become an official collaborator of Waving Meadow and disseminate the principles of sustainability to contribute directly or indirectly to the conservation of Posidonia and the marine environment.