Protecting Posidonia Prairies

Saving Posidonia means saving our seas

A project born with the desire to support the world of sailing by launching an action plan in defense of Posidonia Oceanica.

Through education, influence, research, and action, we can save Posidonia Prairies!

Why is it important to protect it?

Posidonia Oceanica represents one of the fundamental natural values in the Mediterranean as it plays an important role in sediment filtration, thus giving the water a unique transparency, helps maintain the quality and oxygenation of the ecosystem by producing oxygen and storing CO2, protects biodiversity by acting as a shelter where more than 400 species of marine plants and 1,000 species of marine animals feed and reproduce, and finally the beached posidonia leaves form quays which prevent coastal erosion.

What you need to know to make the difference

Follow us along the journey

Follow us on our journey and spread the principles of sustainability to contribute directly or indirectly to the conservation of Posidonia and the marine environment.