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Every photo counts. Every action makes a difference.

The Waving Meadow citizen science project is collaborating with Minka to explore and protect the marine biodiversity along the Italian Mediterranean coast. In partnership with the Nastro Rosa Tour, we invite you to join our mission to better understand and preserve this vital ecosystem.

How to Participate:

  1. Capture: Simply take geolocalized photos of the flora and fauna you encounter in the Mediterranean Sea and along its coasts.
  2. Upload: Share your photos with the Waving Meadow project on the Minka platform.

Why Participate?

Your photos transform into valuable scientific data, helping researchers gain deeper insights into the marine ecosystem. This knowledge is crucial for the protection and care of our marine environment.

Every Photo Counts. Every Gesture Makes a Difference.

Follow us along the journey

Follow us on our journey and spread the principles of sustainability to contribute directly or indirectly to the conservation of Posidonia and the marine environment.