We’re creating a committee involving partner institutions with the aim of developing collaborative and multidisciplinary activism. The scientific, public and sports institutions are committed to support and develop the project to safeguard the Posidonia Meadows.


Through information and awareness, to those who experience the sea for passion and to those who are interested in safeguarding of the environment and education that people can change their view towards a company eco-responsible.


Marina Militare
Nastro Rosa Tour

A stage regatta along the coasts of Italy, with Kite Foiling, Inshore Boats and Offshore Boats around the Mediterranean sea. The Waving Meadow project started from the Nastro Rosa Tour, an Italian regatta which crosses the Mediterranean sea. A tour that becomes the starting point to involve people being active into the preservation of Posidonia Meadows. Every stage will address many topics about the meadow environment, raising funds to create real and concrete solutions for its preservation.